Pre Birth to Three Guidance

Pre-Birth to Three Guidance: Positive Outcomes for Scotland's Children and Families
At Glenbrae we provide a wide variety of experiences to encourage:

Communication skills
Physical development
Exploration, Sensory and Discovery Play
Developing a Sense of Self
We follow guidance from the Pre-Birth to Three document, To plan experiences for children, always remaining flexible in our plans.

There are 4 key principles which we use to support and encourage learning opportunities for the young child, they are:

Rights of the Child
Responsive Care
Staff through their observations of the children during play, will assess children's development stage and set individual aims for each child. Staff value your views and will ask for your contribution throughout the year.

Special Books

Your child will have their own 'Special Book' which include's photographs and observations of your child's learning.

Your child’s folder is available to you at any time. More formal keyworker/parents meetings to discuss progress are arranged twice per year, but parents are encouraged to discuss their child's progress at any time with their child’s key worker or other staff member.

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