What is PATHS?

PATHS is a programme to help children to get on with others and be aware of their own and other people's feelings. It uses stories, puppets, discussion and activities to help them with:

  • Self Confidence
  • Talking about feelings
  • Calming down
  • Making friends
  • Problem-solving

The PATHS Rules

When children sit in a cirlce to hear the PATHS stories and talk about their feelings and how to be good friends, they follow the 5 PATHS rules:

  • Gentle hands
  • Legs in a basket, hands in their lap
  • Good listening
  • Quiet voices
  • Thumbs up to speak


As the children become familiar with the characters and ideas of PATHS, they will be chosen as PATHS kid of the day. Every child will get a turn to be the PATHS kid. The PATHS kid will always be someone who has shown that they are responsible, confident, good at learning, and can contribute to a group by caring and sharing.

PATHS at Home

Your child may bring home some activities from PATHS to complete with adult help. You might also notice a change in how they deal with their own and others' feelings.

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