'Getting It Right For Every Child' is a national policy to help all children grow and develop and reach their full potential. In Glenbrae Children's Centre everyone is clear about their personal responsibility to do the right thing for each child:-

This diagram is known as the SHANARRI wheel or Wellbeing wheel. This stands for the following:-

  • Safe - It is important that everyone feels safe. We all need someone who helps us to feel safe and protected from harm.
  • Healthy - We try to be as healthy as we can be.
  • Achieving - We should have opportunities to learn, and people to encourage us to do our best.
  • Nurtured - We need a place where we feel comfortable and safe where people really care about us.
  • Active - We enjoy spending time doing something fun or interesting. 
  • Respected - We are involved in decisions that affect us.
  • Responsible - Growing up involves learning to make good decisions and sensible choices.
  • Included - We should feel accepted by the group of people around us.

Each of the 8 examples of wellbeing covered by the policy coincide with the 4 main areas of development covered by Curriculum for Excellence which you can see around the outside of the wheel. These 8 examples of wellbeing are just some of the ways in which can help your child grow and develop.

When working with children the 'My World Triangle' can be used to help think about the whole world of the child.

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